Moscow Film Commission
Assistance with organization of filming in Moscow
Moscow Film Commission was established by the
Moscow Department of Culture and Moscow Cinema
Sergey Sobyanin
Mayor of Moscow
I believe today's Moscow deserves to be featured in movies more often. Moscow Film Commission will soon be launched to help organize filming in the city. The organization will deal with administrative barriers and provide consulting. Starting this year, we are expecting international film crews on Moscow streets.
Moscow today
Permission for filming
in the city
Time for consideration
of applications: a maximum of 30 days
Assisting with filming organization
Fast feedback — within 1 business day
Assisting with the choice
of location
Recommendations regarding the location — in 7 days. Predicted price of the chosen locations — in 21 days
Recommendations regarding accredited production companies
A list of production companies — in 7 days
Application for filming
To cooperate with the Moscow Film Commission, send
a filled application form to

State-financed cultural institution
of Moscow «Moscow Cinema»
+7 495 951–94–20
2/38 Pyatnitskaya St, building 1,
115035, Moscow, Russia